I am totally happy with Lisa! She is very genuine and her readings have been very positive and informative for me. I have seen her two times and both times I feel like she connected with me and given me great insight to my issues at the time. We've talked about career, love life, health, finances and just about everything else that's important. I found it very easy to make my appointment and her home office is nice and comfortable for readings. I will definitely continue to see Lisa for guidance in the future! -Tracy S.   

Lisa Among is a very compassionate psychic. On many occasions her predictions came through. She is able to talk to me from both my parents who have moved on, as well as speak as others by going into them to understand their way of thinking. Mahalo. -L. Aki Martin

Lisa Among is wonderful!!! I saw her to gain some clarity in my life. She is warm, intuitive, caring, and some of the things she said to me were incredibly spot on. Things that no one would know unless they picked my brain and unlocked its secrets. I have since used her positive thoughts and advice to create a better life for myself. Empowered. And happier in every way because I took responsibility and changed me. Everything around me either got better or fell away. Thank you Lisa Among for being a positive step in my journey towards happiness! -Sarah H.

リサさんのサイキックは凄い!!過去!現 在!未来!オーラ!前世!あらゆる質問を全て透視してくれます。たまに…何年も先の事を言われたりするので、その時は実感がないのですが、実際に透視され た事が何年が先にドンピシャで起こると「あ!これだったんだ」と思う事が多々!その度にリサさんの力に驚かされます。あたしが1番信頼しているハワイのサ イキックさんです。-Sayo S.

Translation of above:  Lisa is amazing!! She can read the past! Present! Future! Aura! Previous life! She can see through everything and she can answer all my questions. Sometimes she tells me about events that will happen a couple years later, so I don't get it at that moment but when it happens, I think, "Oh my God! She told me about this!" I trust Lisa because she is the best psychic consultant in Hawaii. -Sayo S.

私は36歳独身女子です。この歳になると結婚・出産などなど先行き不安な事がたくさんありハワイに行った際友達の紹介でリサさんに会いに行きました。すごく穏やかな雰囲気で、素直に心に染みました。結婚や出産の時期も具体的に教えて頂き、すごく前向きになれました。-Tomoe S.

Translation of above:  I'm a 36 year old single woman. At my age I'm getting worried about marriage, pregnancy, and so many things. When I was depressed, my friend introduced me Lisa. She has a very kind and warm heart. Whatever she talked to me every word remained in my heart. She told me the specific day of marriage and pregnancy. Lisa encourages me and and keeps me positive!! -Tomoe S.

お会いしてすぐに温かい「気」に包まれたように感じ、リラックスしてセッションが始まりました。本人しか知らないことを指摘され、本当にびっくり。悩んでいることを一つひとつ解決してくださり、心の奥深くに届く内容でした。自分のオーラの色も教えてくださいます。終了後、心底すっきり!とてもハッピーになりました。セッションはCD録音するのでお話に集中できます。日本に帰って時々聞き直すのですが、リサさんの気持ちの良いお声を聴いているうちに自然に眠ってしまいます(笑)毎回違う部分に気づくのも不思議です。深く考えず行ってしまい、ちょっと後悔しているので、聞きたいことをメモしてセッションを受けられることをお勧めします。  -りつこ