Q1:  What other services do you offer?

Hawaiian Sea Salt Cleansing Kits & Charms

Exclusively at the home office in Aiea-Lisa has created a line of Hawaiian Sea Salt and charms in a variety styles and sizes.  For the Hawaiian Sea Salt cleansing sets-Lisa hand mixes and empowers a combination of white & red Hawaiian Sea Salt to be used for protection, purification, cleansing and preservation.   These sets can come with either sea shells, a wooden bowl and/or stones to be used for the inside of your home & business-providing protection & purification of your space.  For the Hawaiian Sea Salt Charms-Lisa fills & empowers a combination of either white, red and/or black Hawaiian Sea Salt in a mini-glass bottle for you to wear or carry with you so you have the protective, purifying and cleansing benefits of Hawaiian Sea Salt everywhere you go.  Prices range from $10.00 and up to $30.00 for larger Hawaiian Sea Salt kits.


Pet consultations and Pet Charms

Lisa can also help you communicate with your beloved pet-living or passed on-Lisa can psychically connect with your pet and covey what they want and need. 
Pet consultations are the same price as regular consultations.  At the home office in Aiea-Lisa also has powerstone protection and good health charms for your pets. She can also make special or custom requests for a charm based on the consultation or your request for a particular purpose.


Powerstone Healing Bracelets and Charms

At the Home office in Aiea-Lisa has an assortment of Powerstone Healing and purpose bracelets, charms, stones and jewelry that are available for purchase.  She also provides the unique service of creating a custom Powerstone Healing Bracelet specifically for you. All she will need is your full name, your date of birth, your main area of concern and your wrist measurement.  Lisa will energetically read you and pick out specific colors and stones to design and create the bracelet. Once completed-Lisa will energetically cleanse and empower the bracelet and provide a short written explanation of your bracelet, the stones used and how they will help you. Please allow 7 days for this service. You do not need to come into the office for this service-information & payment options can be exchanged by e-mail. The bracelet will be mailed to you. Cost for custom Powerstone Healing Bracelet: $125.00 + $5.00 s/h + tax

Q2:  What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Check Cards with Visa/Master Card
  • Discover
  • Diner's Club
  • JCB
  • Master Card
  • Visa



Q3:  What are your rates?

In-Office Consultations 
(CD recording is included for all in-office consultations)

30 minute in-office consultation $50.00 + tax 
45 minute in-office consultation $75.00 + tax 
60 minute in-office consultation $100.00 + tax 
75 minute in-office consultation $125.00 + tax 
90 minute in-office consultation $150.00 + tax 
120 minute in-office consultation $200.00 + tax

Phone Consultations* 
*Credit card is required

(CD recordings are available for phone consultations for an additional $5.00 + tax.)

30 minute phone consultation $60.00 + tax 
45 minute phone consultation $90.00 + tax 
60 minute phone consultation $120.00 + tax 
75 minute phone consultation $150.00 + tax 
90 minute phone consultation $180.00 + tax 
120 minute phone consultation $240.00 + tax

Q4:  Can you communicate with loved ones who have passed on?

The main focus of Lisa's training is based on being the connection between the world of the living and loved ones who have passed on. Lisa communicates by providing a link between both worlds or by going through the gateways that exist with in each person to establish contact. This can be done for both people and pets. This consultation does take time and therefore it is suggested that at least 45 minutes or longer be allowed for this type of consultation. This is not considered to be a Specialty consultation-so the rates for this reading is the same as a regular consultation.

Q5:  What abilities and tools do you use?

Lisa's main ability is the ability to read the energy from all living and non-living things. Lisa also utilizes the gateways that exist within all things to access information. Lisa can also read Auras, Past Lives, receive visions and feel emotions beyond normal perception.

The tools Lisa uses are as follows:

  • Mana Cards: A divination card set that utilizes Hawaiian symbolism and folk-lore
  • Russian Tarot Cards
  • Powerstones: Lisa can tell you what stones will help you with your concerns and goals (Specialty consultations)
  • Ancient Memory oils (Specialty consultations)

Q6:  What are Ancient Memory oils? 

Created by Donna DeAmaral - Ancient Memory oils are hand-crafted purpose oils which contain a combination of color energy, aromatherapy, flowers, herbs, spices and in some cases-semi-precious stones. These special purpose oils - when used -can help you create the energy to achieve your goals, obtain your wants and help you with your life-path.




Q7:  What is an Inner Gift Consultation?

This is an intensive and interactive 2 hour long consultation that will reveal your Inner gifts.   Lisa will start with identifying your core aura energy color. This will help you to understand your inner-self.

Lisa will also determine what psychic abilities and gifts you have and how to improve and utilize them to improve and benefit your life.

Then Lisa will go back and go through your past lives and the experiences you have had. This will help her map out your future through your past lives. Lisa and you will discuss where it will lead you, what problems or blocks you have encountered in your past-lives and how it connects into your current life and your future.

By gaining the knowledge of your core aura energy, your psychic abilities and your past-lives experiences-this will empower you to accomplish your goals faster and help you improve your life.

Your Inner Gift Stones:

Your Inner gift consultation does come with a pouch of handpicked-individualized powerstones and Aura Powerstone item to take home with you. These powerstones have been chosen for you during a solitary sunrise ceremony (ceremony is done 7 days before your appointment). Lisa and you will discuss the purpose of each stone and their significance and Lisa will suggest ways you can use the stones to aid you in your daily life and how to use them with your inner gifts.

What does the Inner Gift Consultation
come with?

  • Your personalized Inner-Gift Powerstones & pouch (a retail value of $60.00 or more)
  • A specialty Aura Powerstone item (a retail value of $40.00 or more)
  • Complimentary CD's to record your consultation

Total cost for the Inner-Gift consultation

In person: 300.00 + tax
By phone: $350.00 + $8.00 (S/H) + tax

Q8:  What is Self-Empowerment and Life Path Consultation?

This is an interactive 90 minute consultation using Ancient Memory oils and your handpicked-individualized powerstones that will help you to set your life-path, become self-empowered and reach your goals.

This consultation will cover 5 areas in your life-

  1.  Love and Romance
  2.  Physical and Emotional Health
  3.  Money, Finances and Occupation
  4.  Spiritual Well-being and Dream-time
  5.  Over-all (Everyday living)

Lisa will start by having you pick (5) bottles-1 for each area that will represent you. Lisa will then pick (2)
bottles for each area to help explain each area in more detail for you. Together you and Lisa will then discuss the best options to help you get set on your life-path.

Then Lisa and you will discuss your pouch of handpicked-individualized powerstones. These powerstones will have been chosen for you during a solitary sunrise ceremony (ceremony is done 1 week before your appointment). Lisa and you will discuss the purpose of each powerstone and their significance to you. Lisa will suggest ways you can use the powerstones and where to place them to aid you in your life-path, daily life and achieve your goals.

What does the Self-empowerment & Life-path Consultation come with?

  • Your handpicked Powerstones & pouch
  • 75 minute Ancient Memory oil consultation
  • 15 minute Powerstone consultation
  • (2) CD’s to record your session

*Ancient Memory oils are not included

Total cost for the Self-empowerment & Life-path

In person: $200.00 + tax

Q9:  Will I get a recording of Lisa's consultation?

All consultations are done in a separate room for privacy and do come with a free CD recordings.  We do recommend that you pay full attention to your consultation.  Recordings are not guaranteed as equipment malfunction may occur.  If you would like to bring your own recorder- you are welcome to do so.


Q10:  When may I shop for items at Insight-Outlook-Hawaii?

If you would like to do some shopping before or after your consultation - Maile can help you with any questions you might have and help you find what you are looking for.


Q11:  When do I pay for the consultation?

Maile will take care of all payment transactions and appointment set-up here prior to your consultation.


Q12:  How do I get to the consultation area?  

The consultation and retail area is on the second floor, so we do have stairs.  If you prefer not to use the stairs - Maile can make arrangements to have the consultation done in the outdoor waiting area downstairs.  Please let Maile know that you will need to use the downstairs waiting area for your consultation when setting up the appointment.


Q13:  What do I do if I arrive early?

This is our outdoor waiting area if you get to your appointment early - you are welcome to wait here until your scheduled appointment. Please let Maile know that you will need to use the downstairs waiting area for your consultation when setting up the appointment.


Q14:  What does the lion logo represent?

When Lisa was a child, she had a dream about a beautiful and majestic lion.  Upon telling her psychic father about this special dream, he mentioned that this lion was her protector.  Since lions also traditionally represent strength, courage, and empowerment, Lisa decided to utilize her lion in Insight-Outlook-Hawaii.  Maile (Lisa's hanai sister and office assistant) drew this lovely image.






Q15:  How do I make an appointment?

For an appointment at Insight-Outlook-Hawaii in Aiea email mab_lives@yahoo.com (preferred) or call (808) 487-7722.   Appointments are available Fridays & Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   Lisa is only in the office on Fridays and Saturdays, so please leave her a message and either her assistant, Maile, or Lisa will get back to you as soon as they can.  Appointments must be made at least a week in advance.

Q16:  What is the 12 Month Tarot & Powerstone Consultation?

A 12 Month Tarot & Powerstone Consultation is a very detailed and in-depth consultation that incorporates the Powerstone Consultation and a 12 Month Consultation.  For the 12 Month Consultation, Lisa will use either the Mana Cards or the Russian Tarot (you can choose which set you prefer).  Lisa will lay out 1 card for each week of each month for the next upcoming 12 months.  This is a special card spread that allows her to focus on events in your life, forecast for each week of the upcoming year.  It will take 60 minutes for this part of the consultation.  When that is done, the stone consultation will follow, taking another 15 minutes.

Q17:  What is the Powerstone Consultation?

A Powerstone Consultation is a specialized consultation where Lisa will choose your individual stones from her personal stone collection during a solitary sunrise ceremony approximately 1 week before your appointment.  During the consultation, Lisa will discuss the questions you have for 45 minutes and for the last 15 minutes, she will discuss the stones she picked for you and their significance.  Then Lisa will suggest ways you can use the stones during the upcoming year.