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From the age of three years old, I have been studying to sharpen my psychic abilities and was taught by many gifted teachers along the way. My first teacher was a Hawaiian woman that came from Kauai. She taught me how to cleanse objects and rooms. My second teacher was also a Hawaiian woman from the Big Island of Hawaii. She taught me how to be in harmony with the spirits, nature and all that is around me. Through this, I am able to see the past, present and future for people. My third teacher was a spiritual person from Nuuanu, Oahu. She taught me how to communicate with souls that have passed on. My father was my main teacher. He taught me how to use my energy to sharpen and expand my psychic abilities. I did readings for my family and a local business for 25 years - but helping people was always my interest. From, 1997 to April 2009 I did psychic consultations at Sedona in Honolulu. In late 2007, I began psychic consultations out of my home office in Aiea - Insight-Outlook. I currently do psychic consultations exclusively out of my home office.   As for the type of consultations I offer - I am able to do many types and styles of psychic consultations:

  • Aura energy
  • Career
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairvoyance
  • Contacting those who have passed on
  • Empathic
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Pet Consultations
  • Relationships
  • Romance
  • Using Power stones in your life

I usually prefer to get my information without the use of tools-but I can use tools by request or if necessary. Tools I can use:

  • Hawaiian Mana Cards
  • Russian Tarot
  • Power stones
  • Ancient Memory Oils

Thank you, Lisa Among

My name is Maile and I am Lisa’s Hanai (a person not blood related but brought into the family as one of its own) sister and I have known Lisa since 1991. My main purpose at Insight-Outlook is that I am Lisa’s assistant at her home office. I answer the phones, return phone calls, help set up the appointments and I take care of the in-office sales, billing and purchases. I can also help you with any concerns and/or questions about stones, their purpose and how they can help you. I have been working with the stone section at Sedona since 1999 and I take care of the buying and have done the spiritual research information on the stones. If you are interested in stones and how they can help you in your everyday life – I would be more than happy to help anyone who has a question regarding the stones and their properties. As for my spiritual training-I have been exposed to Hawaiian spirituality since I was young from a variety of friends and family. After that-I was trained by a Druid for a few years on the arts, their practices and their belief system. And for the last 18 years I have had the honor and luck to have Lisa as a friend and a teacher of psychic abilities, how to use them and the code of ethics that is required so they can be used for the greater good.

Thank you, Maile Benoza

Hi, I'm Chancey - the official greeter for Insight-Outlook. I am a miniature poodle and have been a part of the family since March 2006. I am very friendly and love to be around people. If you usually have an allergy to dogs, please know I am hypo-allergenic and am safe for those who have allergies to be around or pet me. If you are not comfortable interacting with me - please let Lisa or Maile know and they can keep me away from the consultation area. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you, Chancey